»File Builder

Type: file Artifact BuilderId: packer.file

The file Packer builder is not really a builder, it just creates an artifact from a file. It can be used to debug post-processors without incurring high wait times.

»Basic Example

Below is a fully functioning example. It create a file at target with the specified content.

  "type": "file",
  "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",
  "target": "dummy_artifact"
{  "type": "file",  "content": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",  "target": "dummy_artifact"}

»Configuration Reference

Configuration options are organized below into two categories: required and optional. Within each category, the available options are alphabetized and described.

Any communicator defined is ignored.


  • target (string) - The path for the artifact file that will be created. If the path contains directories that don't exist, Packer will create them, too.


You can only define one of source or content. If none of them is defined the artifact will be empty.

  • source (string) - The path for a file which will be copied as the artifact.

  • content (string) - The content that will be put into the artifact.